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Ideas for Further Research

  1. Do some research to find an example of someone who survived an electric shock from a power line or an electric appliance. How did the incident happen? How could it have been prevented?
  2. Research efforts around the country to protect various forms of wildlife from electric power lines.
  3. Learn about AC and DC current. Why is AC current so much more dangerous to contact?
  4. Find out how utility line workers protect themselves when working around power lines. What type of clothing, vehicles, and equipment do they use? What type of training do they receive?
  5. Find some stories about people who have been injured or killed by mixing water and electricity. Examples: stepping in a puddle with a fallen power line in it, or using a hair dryer in the bathtub and dropping it in the water. Why were these actions so dangerous? What lessons can be learned?
  6. What are some things you can do around your home to make it safer regarding water and electricity? Report to the class about a safety measure that you have taken at home.
  7. Interview an electrician. What kind of training is required? What kind of licensing? Has she or he ever been shocked? How?
  8. Has anyone in your community been struck by lightning? What were the circumstances? How was the person affected? How could the strike have been prevented?