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  • Danger High Voltage signWhen you work outdoors with long or tall equipment (such as ladders and paint rollers), be sure to keep yourself and your equipment at least 10 feet away from all overhead power lines. That includes the service drop wires that go from power poles to buildings.

  • If you plan to dig or move earth in any way (even just planting a tree), make sure to call your one-call utility locator service at 811 first so they can mark any underground power lines or other utilities.

  • If you see a fallen power line, stay far away, and call 911 and your local electric utility immediately. Even if they are not sparking or humming, fallen lines can shock you if you touch them or the ground nearby.

  • Transformers and substations contain electrical equipment that is dangerous to contact. If you see an unlocked transformer, or if you see someone trying to enter a substation, call 911 and your local electric utility immediately.